Romanian Military Bayonet ???

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Mr. B.
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Romanian Military Bayonet ???

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Did anyone notice this item that sold on eBay 2-27-2012? "Vtg Romanian Military Bayonet w/Scabbard & Belt Loop Wire Cutter Bakelite SF7077 ( 303893781355 )". It must be something special as it sold for $167.72 including shipping?
To me the bayonet is a Hungarian AKM 6X3. The scabbard is a Romanian AKM 6X3. The rubber insulator and wrist strap could be either Hungarian or Romanian? The green vinyl hanger with snap fasteners looks like new, but what is it?
In my opinion this hanger appears to be a homemade, one of a kind item. I wouldn't mind having one as a novelty item at a tenth of the price? :??:
Somehow the hanger does not look like an original military issue item. Does anyone else have any ideas or opinions as to what it is? :shrug: Mike
Romy green vinyl hanger 3.jpg
Romy green vinyl hanger 5.jpg
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Re: Romanian Military Bayonet ???

Post by mill_speer »

Hungarian M.63 / 6X3
Romanian Scabbard.
Carrying device very poorly made, Handmade.

For the Price, I do better.
I am happy to take Orders.
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Re: Romanian Military Bayonet ???

Post by CarlosC »

There are a TON of misidentified AK bayonets on eBay and GB. I suspect some sellers do it on purpose to dupe uneducated buyers, usually calling their bayos Russian or saying they're super rare. I see a lot of Romanian bayos listed as Russian. Seems like nearly every bayonet on eBay is "rare" too. A while back, I contacted an eBay seller because he was listing his bayonet as a "Russian Type 3", but it wasn't. He responded that I was reading it incorrectly...he said it was a Russian Type 3, but he explained it was a Russian type of bayonet, style 3, and that he wasn't implying it was made in Russia. I think that's purposely misleading. I believe others just don't know what they have so they go by whatever information they can find.

I think what you see here is a mismatch with a poorly made frog that someone got scammed into buying.

I recently contacted an eBay seller to verify what he was selling was indeed a Russian 6X3 transitional, since his pics were horrible and I couldn't see the star or triangle on the mortise. He assured me it was 100% Russian. I got the bayonet and it was definitely Hungarian with a Russian scabbard, so emailed him and he refunded the money no questions asked. Busted.

That also works the other way...the two North Korean AKM bayonets I have were both misidentified as Bulgarian on an estate auction site. I paid $60 for one and $65 for the other. Last month I bought an East German 6X4 for $40, but is actually a 6X4 for the G36.
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