Russian AK47 6X2 Scabbard Markings?

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Russian AK47 6X2 Scabbard Markings?

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Looking for information or opinions about stamped markings observed on Russian AK47 6X2 bayonet scabbards. I was going through my picture files and found these two sets of pictures that raised this question. These pictures are from different years, but may be from the same source as the backgrounds are unique and appear to be the same. Not much can be determined about the bayonets, but the scabbards appear to be Russian. One is the early version with two separate hanger bars. The second one is the later version with the one piece stamped hanger bar.

Both of these scabbards have a distinct "T" stamped in the metal scabbard body on the front side next to the hanger bars. I have also seen this marking on several other scabbards over the years. I have heard the opinion that these "T" marked scabbards and possibly the bayonets were made by the Tula Arsenal. I tend to disagree with this. First of all I have never seen a Russian AK47 bayonet with anything except the Izhevsk Arsenal mark. Also I can find no information in my references regarding Tula beginning any Kalashnikov production until the 1960 beginning with the AKM 6X3 Type I bayonets and scabbards.

Some other things I think I know. Yes, Tula did use the "T" as an arsenal mark at one time. I have never researched the time periods, But the early 1891 Mosin Nagant rifle bayonets with the locking ring were marked with a bow and arrow for Izhevsk and a stylized "T" for Tula. Closer examination of this "T" would show it was actually a hammer, (Thor's Hammer). At some point in time before the end of WWII Izhevsk switched to the Arrow in Triangle and Tula switched to the Star. This was observed on the later versions of the M-1891 bayonets with the button latches. This was long before the AK47 6X2 scabbards or bayonets were designed or made. Both of the scabbards pictured below do show signs of being reworked. The areas at the top of the scabbards around the tensioner retaining rivets show evidence of grinding. This indicates that the original rivets and tensioners may have been removed for maintenance or repair. Could the "T" be an inspection or rework marking? Mike
Tula Hammer on scabbard (2).jpg
Tula Hammer on scabbard (2).jpg (63.45 KiB) Viewed 3195 times
Tula Hammer on scabbard.jpg
Russian AK47 scabbard marked T 2.jpg
Russian AK47 scabbard marked T 1.jpg
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