Czech VZ58 Armorer's Field Kit

Czech VZ58 Bayonets
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Czech VZ58 Armorer's Field Kit

Post by Mr. B. » Wed Apr 08, 2020 1:11 am

I thought I would include this Topic as it includes Czech VZ58 Bayonets and parts. The barrowed pictures are of an Armorer's field / unit level parts kit for the VZ58. This early version, (1961). had parts for the VZ 58 with wood furniture. It contained 3 complete Type I bayonets, 5 one piece wood grips, 10 handle rivets and 10 rivet grommets. The late versions would have the same items except for the Type II or Type III bayonets with the molded wood chip grip panels. it would also have the pairs of the grip panels for the Type II and/or Type III bayonets plus the rivets and grommets.

Parts pictured below are for the Type I (Top), Type II, (middle) and Type III, (bottom). Mike
Czech VZ58 early parts kit 2_LI.jpg
Czech VZ58 early parts kit 1_LI.jpg

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