Finnish M62 bayonet for sale

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Finnish M62 bayonet for sale

Post by RPBCPS » Sat Nov 16, 2019 1:27 pm

As stated already, this website has reignited my interest in Kalashnikov bayonets, but due to the fact I am now on a sabbatical, due to health reasons, my funds for investing in the hobby are limited.

Hence, to raise funds for some other potential purchases, I have reviewed my collection and decided now to concentrate on European manufactured, Kalashnikov orientated bayonets.

So I wish to offer for sale, a Fiskar manufactured M62 bayonet that I bought years ago, direct from Finland, to compliment the deactivated Valmet assault rifle, which I had in my collection at the time.
DSC_0546 copy.jpg
DSC_0532 copy.jpg
DSC_0530 copy.jpg
DSC_0528 copy.jpg
Looking for $175 + shipping for this, if anyone is interested, please send PM.



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