Regular Russian 6x4 AKM Type II - unnumbered?

Russian AK Bayonets
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Regular Russian 6x4 AKM Type II - unnumbered?

Post by rogueX18 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:45 pm


Recently I acquired this bayonet and was trying to figure out its provenance, but I am no expert. I was looking for a good forum to ask some questions and I came across this wonderful forum full of great information.

I will post some pictures and what I was able to figure out and what I do not know.

According to my research and information that I've come across, this one was made at the Izhevsk Arsenal (full arrow logo) that is visible on the scabbard and the slanted part on the grip near the ricasso. (2 logos)
Left of the Izhevsk logo on the grip is a stamp (hard to see) - dark ink, rectangle with the letter "M" in it. The grip also has the numbers "26/2" on it (probably a mold number?).
On the opposite side of the grip, nelow the ricasso, is another dark ink stamp, but the letter is illegible (at least for me).

The scabbard features the Izhevsk logo and the mold number "79", and on the opposite side dark ink stamped quality control mark "OTK-5".

And...that's it for markings, logos and numbers. There is no serial numbers and no evidence of removing serial numbers.

My questions would this a genuine Soviet (Russian) 6x4 AKM Type II bayonet, and if so, what specific make/model since I read there are several patterns and other things to watch out for (placement of logo, quality control marks, etc.). Also, is the fact that the serial number' is missing something that was normal or not? And what would the stamps/marks (like the letter "M") mean?

Thank you in advance for any helpful information! :Tx:
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Sorry, but I am not used to uploading pics to forum like this, so I added the link to a Flickr account where you can see the bayonet.

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Re: Regular Russian 6x4 AKM Type II - unnumbered?

Post by MDIvie » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:56 pm

That is a very nice un-issued Russian 6X4 bayonet.
Somewhat rarer variants from Izhevsk include ones with large factory marks molded into the flat side of the grip towards the cross gaurd and ones with the lightened pommel (pommel narrowed where the wrist strap attaches).
In the US Tula variants are less common also.


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Re: Regular Russian 6x4 AKM Type II - unnumbered?

Post by Mr. B. » Tue Apr 30, 2019 3:48 am

Agree. A very nice late version of a Russian AKM 6X4 Type II bayonet and scabbard from the Izhevsk arsenal. Izhevsk used dark ink/paint for quality and inspection marks. The only other marks to be found are the mold marks you mentioned. Usually the bayonets and scabbards are matched and numbered to a weapon for issue. Extra production bayonets and scabbards are left un-numbered and held in reserve for future issue/replacement for missing or damaged bayonets. They are usually found in like new condition and make nice display items. Mike

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