East German Type II Scabbard Variations

German and DDR AK Bayonets
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East German Type II Scabbard Variations

Post by Mr. B. » Wed May 03, 2017 11:37 pm

Here are some variations I have observed on the East German (DDR) Type II scabbards. They are relatively unmarked except for molded numbers on the back of the scabbard body. Usually a mold number(?) either a 1 or 2 followed by a part number(?) 1946 and a model number(?) /1 through 6, ( I.E.: 2 1946/3) . The early model numbers, 1-4 are found on matching AKM 6X3 Type I bayonets getting progressively newer. The later model number 4 are found on the AKM 6X4 Type II bayonets with both orange and black grips. Some of the early scabbards have blued cutter plates and some of the new ones have black painted cutter plates. I have found no correlation to this variation. These scabbards have also been used with modifications on the East German KM87 bayonets as well as the later commercial G36 conversion. They are also found on the E.G. 6X4 bayonets sold to and reissued by Bulgaria. Also they can be found on the more recent Viet Nam(?) AKM bayonets.

There is one visual difference that is referred to In Martin Ivie's book. Between model numbers /4 and /5 a change was made in the mold and the lower ends of the ribs on the scabbard body are a slightly different shape. The older ones are more pointed and the later ones more rounded. M.

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