Ak hangers

Polish AK bayonets
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Ak hangers

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When putting away my bayonets, I realized that the hangers could be reversed. Do you have an explanation ?
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Re: Ak hangers

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I am not sure what you mean by "Reversed". On all the Polish AK47 hangers in my experience, collection and references, the hilt strap crosses the same way. I display the five below in my collection, all different styles from early to late. None are "Reversible". The early ones have the hilt strap attached by two rows of stitching, the later ones are attached by two rivets.
Do you mean that Poland might have made hangers that had the hilt strap attached closing the opposite direction? I suppose it's possible, but I can find no references or pictures to confirm it. The correct, original hangers are often difficult to find. I do suspect that some may have been made up more recently for the collectors market. I have seen them advertised as "new" and "original" but the ones I have seen are replicas. People making replicas often get the details wrong as the use mirror images to make copies. More detailed pictures would be helpful to identify the hanger in question. Mike
Polish AK47 58-70 Hilts (2).jpg
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