Phosphated bayonet AKM

Polish AK bayonets
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Phosphated bayonet AKM

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Today I bought this Polish phosphate bayonet on a militaria show. I have read different versions about this bayonet. Export or refurbished? Can someone tell me more. The scabbard has a single number but not the bayonet.
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Re: Phosphated bayonet AKM

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Hi, Nico, The answers to your questions can be found under this heading, "Poland" with the topic "Polish 6H4 with phosphate finish." The phosphate finished scabbards are usually found with AKM 6H4 Type II bayonets. Most of them having original or forced matched numbers. This would indicate much later production than the 6H3 Type I bayonet. It is possible that the scabbard has been reworked/refinished. but since they do not have matching numbers it is most likely that the bayonet and scabbard have been miss-matched at some point. Mike
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