Yugoslavian AK Bayonets

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I have two R number bayonets. For one the number is engraved in hollow the other is in relief. Can you give me an explanation on these different marking techniques?
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The main difference I see are different fonts, (styles), and sizes. Perhaps done at the same basic time using different dies and machinery or done at completely different times. The difference between "hollow" (indented) or "relief" (raised) letters and numbers has to do with thermodynamics. These characters are not engraved, but die stamped using metal dies mounted in a block and heat. The results are controlled by the amount of heat, pressure and duration the dies are applied. I believe that ideally the results are a clean "hollow" look with smooth edges like the lower one above. Too much heat and the hilt and scabbard material melts and flows around the edges of the dies leaving a raised edge. Not enough heat or pressure and the surface burns and melts causing a bubbling, blistering effect leaving a "relief" appearance. This can be seen on the top scabbard above. This can be confirmed by looking at the last number that has been partially scratched off. Little or no indention can be seen underneath the number. The raised numbers are not desired and more easily worn away or obliviated.
I had not specifically noticed this on any other "R" code or other Yugo 6X4 Type II bayonets. However from past experience I believe it is a quality control issue, not a variation. Mike
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